How to Add Photos to Instagram Reels in 2023

Add Photos to Instagram Reels

If you need to create compelling and visually attractive Instagram Reels utilizing photos, we’ve got the answer for you! This comprehensive guide will show you how to add pictures onto your reels with just a few simple steps. From ensuring that your Instagram app is up-to-date all the way through sharing/promoting it, our instructions are sure to help to add photos to Instagram Reels which pulls in people’s attention and increases engagement rates.

Creating Instagram Reels with Photos

Instagram Reels provide Instagram users with the ability to craft amusing, short videos utilizing audio clips, filters, layouts and effects. Unlike Instagram Stories, which are restricted to 15 seconds each video clip. These reels can go up to 90 second in length enabling more freedom for imagination. You may also make a photo reel composed of only photos, allowing creative means of expressing your content on Instagram!

Updating the Instagram App

To ensure a seamless experience when making Reels on Instagram with photos, it’s imperative to make sure that the latest version of the app is installed. To upgrade your Instagram application if necessary on an iPhone, open up the App Store and go to your profile page. Scroll down for any available updates for this particular app before tapping “Update” next to it.

Creating stunning videos using pictures through Instagram Reels requires having all its most recent features accessible – which can only be done by keeping up-to-date with their newest version!

Accessing the Reels Feature

Once you’ve updated your Instagram app, it’s time to start creating Reels with multiple photos. Tap the plus button at the top-right of its interface and switch to the “Reel” tab. This will open up an editing screen where you can customise what goes into your photo based Reels.

At this stage, press on the bottom-left Gallery icon for access to both camera roll as well as device gallery images. If needed, pick out several pictures from there through ‘Select Multiple’ option present in top right corner! You’re now set to add these together into one amazing photoshoot, great job while utilizing Instagram here!

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Adding Photos to Your Instagram Reel

Once you have chosen your pictures from the Reels feature, it is time to design and customize a post reel with them. This involves setting how long each photo will appear on screen, rearranging their order if necessary, adding extra features like text overlays, stickers and music in order to make an attention-grabbing video compilation.

Special effects such as transitions or sound effects can be added for Effect when creating these reels.

Selecting Photos from the Gallery

In order to include all the photos you’d like in your Instagram Reel, simply tap on them from either your device’s gallery or camera roll. You can add a maximum of fifty images – including videos – into the reel making it an entertaining and engaging visual journey.

To start adding these files, click the “+” icon located at bottom-right corner which allows more than one photo/video selection for each project of yours. To add even more content just repeat this step!

Adjusting Photo Duration

When you’ve added all the photos to your Instagram Reel, it is essential to personalize each photo duration for an engaging visual experience. You can adjust the timing of any photo by tapping on it and accessing its editing menu – with a maximum limit of 5 seconds per image. After adding them to your reel, you are able to trim every single one in order to obtain perfect flow within this creative platform.

Arranging Photos in the Reel

Once you have chosen the photographs from your gallery, it is essential to organize them in a reel for telling an interesting story or conveying any particular message. To do so, one can simply reorder these pictures with drag and drop feature that will help create a fluid visual narrative. Once completed, tapping “Add” in the top right corner should be done to save this reel. Organizing photos properly into Reels ensures they form attractive visuals which are capable of capturing attention!

Enhancing Your Instagram Reel with Creative Features

Once you’ve finished adding photos to your reel and setting the duration/order, make it unique with Instagram’s editing features. These include incorporating text, stickers, filters and music into your reel, which not only improves its aesthetic but draws viewers in too. With these creative elements at hand, you can create a one-of-a-kind reel that stands out from others! Plus, this addition of content gives context as well for an even more attractive display overall.

Adding Text and Stickers

When creating a reel on Instagram, adding text and stickers can provide extra context for viewers. Tap the two interlocking squares icon in the top-right corner to edit your reel’s font style using “Aa”. If you want to add some fun visuals as well, just click on the Stickers button after recording your content, this will give it an awesome finishing touch! With these tools readily available at hand, reels have become even more engaging than ever before.

Applying Filters and Effects

Filters and effects can bring out the best in your reel by giving it a consistent aesthetic. To apply special touches to your project, go down to the drop-down menu on the bottom of screen and select “Effects”. You’ll find plenty of options for filters or special effects you could use.

Try different combinations with photos that will make up an attractive overall look for your reel’s theme. Make sure they pair well together!

Including Music and Sound

Creating a captivating reel can be enhanced by adding music or sound effects to set the tone and make an immersive audio-visual experience. The left menu offers users access to tools allowing them to add songs, noise, or even their own voice during recording. Editing provides another opportunity for making it professional with added music and/or sounds.

Mixing various elements is encouraged, your original content along with tunes on top will give unique vibes!

Tips for Creating Engaging Instagram Reels with Photos

Creating attention-grabbing Instagram Reels with photographs calls for some professional advice and strategies to maximize its effect. When constructing visually attractive and riveting reels that hit the mark with your viewers, it is necessary to keep a uniform theme as well as aesthetic, employ good quality photos, plus ensure appropriate reel length, between 15 seconds up to 30 second duration. This enables you enough room in order to include all pertinent information whilst not overloading or dulling down their interest.

Optimal Reel Length for Different Goals

When considering the length of your reel video, you should keep it within 7 to 15 seconds. This is known for getting more views and will likely be best for most goals associated with creating a reel video. If storytelling or trying to drive conversions are objectives, then going up until 90 second reels may work better. All in all, keeping videos short when possible has been found advantageous so far!

Consistent Theme and Aesthetic

Reels are a great way to create your own unique brand identity and attract a dedicated audience. Keeping the same colour palette, font type and design in each reel is key for this purpose. Incorporating uniform music or sound effects also makes it easier for people to recognise your content at once! Having consistency throughout will ensure that not only does everything look good, but you’re effectively cementing yourself as an identifiable figure within your niche.

Using High-Quality Photos

For a professional and visually pleasing effect, using sharp photos in Reels is imperative. Buy quality gear and take into consideration variables such as composition, illumination, and filters while taking the shots. Shooting in RAW format will also assist you when editing your pictures later on.

High-quality images increase the visual impact of your Reels thus making them more attractive to audiences and getting higher engagement rates overall.


By updating your Instagram app and accessing the Reels feature, you can now start creating visually appealing content using photos. Allowing yourself to customize these reels with different creative features, it’s time to make use of this guide and create a stunning photo-based reel that will engage all followers on Instagram! With these tips in hand as well as unleashing creativity, captivating content is within reach – so let’s get started crafting the perfect reel for promotion today!

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